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Rapid Detox

Rapid Detox

If youre looking into drug detox procedures, the term rapid detox may seem too good to be true. Some have called it a miracle, a dream come true. So, what is rapid detox, and is a rapid detox program right for you? For decades now, rumors have floated around regarding an alleged rapid opiate detox; Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones was famously supposed to have flown to Sweden (or some other country) for a rapid heroin detox consisting of a full blood transfusion. But how what is myth and what is reality? Is there really such a thing as a rapid detox?

Well, the rumors of Keiths blood transfusion are definitely false, or at least greatly exaggerated.  Rapid detox does exist, but it somewhat less like a horror movie.  The basis of this particular procedure is the use of general anesthesia. By putting the patient under a general anesthetic during the initial and most difficult stages of withdrawal, rapid detox is said to decrease the length of this initial stage from days to just hours. In addition, since the patient is unconscious, suffering is avoided during this stage. While the patient is under, the highly trained staff utilized at rapid detox centers will administer certain drugs to help ease the after effects of the procedure, typically Naltrexone and Naloxone.

After the procedure, all narcotics are gone from the system, and it appears that a successful drug detox has in fact taken place in just five to seven hours. The worst of the withdrawal process is over, and the patient has considerably milder withdrawal symptoms to confront.

However, one problem with rapid detox is that it can be dangerous. General anesthetic in itself is always a risk, and when the body is in the state of detoxing, this risk may be heightened. Though many people have made it safely though the rapid detox procedure, there have been deaths, mostly due to heart failure.

Another issue is the fact that, although rapid detox has removed all traces of the drug, the psychological cravings, stressors, life challenges, and environment exist in the patients life after the procedure. Like any detox, rapid detox must be accompanied by education, counseling, support, and a high degree of motivation in order to lead to a lasting recovery.

Rapid detox is surely destined to be a controversial procedure. Some will continue to see it as a medical miracle, while others will maintain that it is a dangerous treatment of last resort.

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